About Us

In November 2004, Dev Classes was incorporated to impart quality education to student preparing for JEE MAIN ,JEE ADVANCE, NEET and IAS entrance exams. Now DEV Classes have evolved to a vibrant dynamic and most successful coaching institute in Ghaziabad (in NCR)

In addition to imparting knowledge of the concerned subjects, Dev Classes lays great emphasis on leadership development, ethics and social responsibility, and mind-power development so as to ensure that our tomorrow’s bureaucrats do not suffer from moral and ethical bankruptcy.


The aim is to invest in quality students, and produce jewels. Over a period of time we will create this reputation. The aspirants, who walk out of this institute, will be the people who will create an intellectual revolution in the country. We will certainly translate our aim into reality.

Our Mission

To be a “ centre of excellence “  in education which , in keeping with the rich heritage of India, will stress the simultaneous development of body , mind and soul and endeavour to create compassionate , responsible and innovative global citizens , who are committed to the development of India .

Our Vision

To prepare dynamic and caring citizens to meet the challenges of global society while retaining their traditional values.

Our Values

The Administration, faculty and staff of the Devclasses share a set of core beliefs and commitments. We believe in

  • Student Success.
  • Lifelong learning.
  • Respect, Integrity, Trust, Honesty and Ethical behavior.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement.
  • Excellence.

We commit ourselves to

  • Prepare students for the future.
  • Impart knowledge on which students can build bright career.
  • Treat everyone with respect and fairness.
  • Exemplify our values by serving as teachers and role models.

Our approach to corporate responsibility Pursue excellence – and all else shall follow.