For Class IX and X

Class IX student Foundation Course JEE MAIN/ADVANCE / NEET/Science & Maths Olympiad, & Excellence in School Examination
Class X student Foundation Course
JEE MAIN/ADVANCE/ NEET/Science & Maths Olympiad, & Excellence in School Examination

Course description

These courses are designed to develop (1) Mathematical aptitude, (2) Scientific temperament, (3) Logical thinking, (4)Reasoning skills & (5) Problem solving skills of the student and prepare them for future competitive examinations while they are studying in the school to take early lead in competitive scenario. These courses focus on developing student’s Intelligence quotient (IQ), & competitive quotient (C.Q.) at the early stage of learning so that each young student achieve success in school/board examination as well as in various scholarship and competitive examinations to ensure a grand successful career

Course format :

While taking care of School & Board syllabus, the short term goal of these courses is to prepare student for Science & Maths Olympiad & National Standard examination. The long term objective of these courses is to lay strong foundation of Science & Maths concepts students to get success in future competitive examination like JEE Advanced, JEE Main & NEET etc.. The teaching methodology of these courses emphasizes on understanding each concept to grass-root level & make student competent & confident to achieve success in school/board and competitive examinations


  • Immediate goal of the course to prepare student for Olympiads along with stress free systematic preparation for JEE Advanced, JEE Main & NEET & other state level exams
  • It covers complete school syllabus so that student put their potential & achieve excellence in school examinations also.
  • It develops Mathematical Skills, Scientific Temperament, Reasoning & Problem Solving skills essential to succeed in any competitive examination.
  • It provides sufficient time to student to grasp excellent knowledge which ensures good rank in first attempt and bright future